Shivani Gupta

Spoken Word Poetry | Behavioral Science | Movement


Spoken Word Poetry

I am a writer, curator, performer, dancer and overall stage-loving ​human. Recently Chicago-based, having lived and performed in ​multiple cities between India & Scotland before this.

My ‘Partition Poetry’ set was featured on BBC and Forbes. My ​pieces on Cultural & Gender identity won the Mumbai Poetry Slam​ in 2018, and were featured at the Loud Poets Anniversary Show,​ Fringe Festival (Edinburgh), Jungle in the City Festival (Aarey ​Forest), SXonomics, Unerase Poetry (Mumbai), Femme Fest,​ Grandma's House & Chicago Mehfil (Chicago).

Usually too eager to spill vulnerability over coffee with strangers, I ​can be found wherever the smell of baked goods envelops the air.

Always open to Coffee & Conversation:

  • Spoken Word Poetry
  • Workshop Facilitation
  • Experiences & Curation
  • Science & Storytelling
  • Artist Collaborations


Co-Creator & Facilitator:

The Everyday Workshop Series on Gender; Self-Care

This workshop helped individuals overcome childhood conditioning's impact on their daily interactions. We explored conditioned behaviors, their effects & co-created tailored strategies.

Featured Poet,

Elephant (Song)

This was a collaboration with Pavan Gaikwad: Elephant is a song about when we make friends with the elephant in the room and then are afraid to address it because if we do, the metaphoric Elephant might disappear.

Recent Speaking Engagements

Learn what drives behaviours, and motivations to understand people that products are designed for. Study why they react in a certain manner and what their actions mean which helps you design meaningful interactions.

What’s next - Where does the research craft go from here?

The research community in India has made significant progress in the past decade. However, to create a sustainable and thriving future for researchers in India, This discussion aims to envision the future and identify opportunities for user researchers to succeed.

Integrating principles and methodology of applied behavioural science, human centred design and AI for representation in UX research, process and outputs. We will cover what and how to leverage these adjacent fields across steps: team set-up, recruitment, questions, verbiage, framing, testing, synthesis frameworks and more.

2023, Chicago | 10 Poem Feature Set

2018, Mumbai | Kintsugi, Rise, The Box

2017, Goa | Dear Girl From Pakistan

2015, Edinburgh | Sun & The Moon

Disclaimer: These are pieces from the last 10 years I still identify with, the others that may exist in some corner of the internet don't reflect me or my beliefs anymore